Where do you deliver?

Goquets delivers flowers anywhere in the US, including all major cities and almost any rural location. One time we couldn’t find a florist to deliver to the top of a mountain in Alaska, which ruined our near perfect record.

Does your listed price include everything?

Yes. The listed price includes standard delivery and all fees for processing the order. We think it’s really mean when flower websites put a list of hidden charges at Checkout, so we do our best to avoid that. The only exceptions are applicable state sales tax and same day rush delivery.

I really need same day rush delivery, how does it work?

Same day orders can be ordered until 12pm in the timezone where you’d like them delivered. Because of the time sensitivity of these types of orders, we require an extra $4.99 to process same-day orders. if the local florist cannot squeeze your order into their afternoon delivery schedule, your $4.99 will be refunded and the flowers will be delivered on the next business day. Trust us -- we want to get your flowers there today just as much as you do!

Do I get to see the flowers before I order?

We believe that a photo is the quickest way to mislead the customer into what will be delivered at the end of the day because the florist fulfilling the order usually will not have either the type or volume of flowers shown in the picture. Our method of allowing the florist to create a custom bouquet allows them to build a beautiful bouquet with their best resources on hand.


How do I send a plant with Goquets?

Just type in "Plant" or "They really want a plant" or maybe even "Can I haz plant?" in the preferences box on the order page. If the local florist in the city you're delivering to has plants in stock (which they almost always do), they'll send that instead of flowers!


Is my payment secure?

Definitely. We process all of our payments through Stripe, which is designed to take on 3rd party payments for sites like ours. Security features are enabled on the Checkout Page. More information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Do your flowers come in a box and require assembly?

LOL, we’re not one of the companies that does that.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

It’s fairly typical of local flower shops to have limited hours on Saturdays and be closed on Sundays, which can limit our ability to fulfill the order depending on where you’d like it delivered. If it turns out we can’t fulfill your order, we’ll let you know as soon as possible and give you the option of either a refund or delivery on the next available date.

How can I provide feedback?

Have a suggestion, comment or general feedback? Please hand write it onto a nature-themed Bob Ross inspired postcard and address it to the following:

The Goquets Team
206 6th Avenue, Ste. 300
Des Moines, Iowa 50310

If you’ve run out of those, feel free to send us an email to hello@goquets.com.