Amazing Flowers, Quick and Easy

Buying flowers has never been a great experience. After navigating through an endless gallery trying to find the right bouquet to send someone, you end up with a bouquet that looks nothing like the photo you spent 20 minutes picking out. A waste of time, and not-so-friendly customer service to deal with as the aftermath.

After going through the same painful process ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way. After lots of research and discovery, we started Goquets with a focus on amazing customer experience and service. With Goquets, place your order in under three minutes by telling us the details you care about - who it's for, what the occasion is and any preferences you might have for the bouquet. From there we'll do the legwork and connect with local florists all over the U.S. to make sure you get a one-of-a-kind bouquet they're sure to never forget.

Our goal is simple - to deliver amazing flowers, quick and easy.


Who Are We?

We're a team with the passion to change an industry that hasn't evolved much in the last century. With backgrounds ranging from corporate sales, eCommerce marketing and product design, we've got the experience to go the distance and focus on delivering amazing flowers.