Silicon Prairie News: Goquets joins accelerator to gain national traction

Recently we were interviewed by Silicon Prairie News (SPN). This was so cool, because we just love story telling.

Silicon Prairie News, Sept. 25, 2015:

Goquets co-founders Shawn Harrington and Lyndsay Horgan want to improve the experience of purchasing flowers online.

The company, founded during Ames Startup Weekend in 2013, exists to remove “guesswork” from the process by allowing purchasers to share their preferences, instead of pointing to a static photo, when placing their orders via the web or mobile devices.

Harrington said the arrangements Goquets has made with regional networks of local florists – revolving around these types of “open orders” – allow them to get flowers that are in-stock out of the door while encouraging high rates of customer satisfaction and return. He said it takes fewer than three minutes to place an order at www.goquets.com, which asks simply for users to type in their preferences – if any ­– alongside how much they would like to spend.

“We realized there was a huge problem in regards to what was being promised versus what was being delivered,” Harrington said. “Goquets streamlines the process to eliminate inconsistencies and remove any discrepancy between buying in-store and online. Florists can always choose from their fresh inventory without being limited to what was shown in a photo. Just give us the details you care about, and the experts will handle the rest.”

There's more, read the full article here

- Written by Todd Razor


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